Monday, August 31, 2009


When the alarm woke me up at 6am; I was alone in bed. I could hear the shower running softly in the bathroom, through the paper-thin walls of my bedroom. I sighed and decided I might as get up and carry some of the luggage out to the car; we did have an 8 hour drive ahead of us.

I was loaded down with bags as I descended the stairs, trying to make myself fit in between the railing.
I was on the final flight of stairs when I bumped into someone. “Shit! Sorry, I can’t see…” I sighed, trying to peer around the bag that was blocking my view.

“No worries, not the first time you’ve almost knocked me down the stairs.” Laurie’s playful remark sounded back at me. I laughed out loud as I gave her another shove as I continued my way outside.
After safely securing the luggage in the SUV, and making my way back into my apartment, I found Laurie stretch out on my bed; fighting with Giggs. “I think he’s winning.” I chuckled from the doorway, honestly glad to see her again.

“Only cause I let him! Don’t I baby boy…” She coddle as she pulled him into a bear hug and pinned him down. “Well, we better get going… what are you doing up so early anyway?” She asked before walking out towards the door.

“Going to visit mom and dad… I have a game tomorrow so I’m staying there over night and then flying down to Tampa to meet up with the team.”

“Oh, nothing wrong with that.” She paused at the doorway, leaning mischievously on the doorframe. She glanced past me, around the room. “What the hell’s with all the junk in here?”

“Oh, um…” I followed her stare, taking in all the new crap I had acquired from Alyssa. “Well, do you remember that girl from the bar?”

“Who? The psycho redhead?” She laughed, until she saw my face. “Oh… oh god! What did I miss?”

“Well, I went back out the next night and ah… I guess we’re like… together now… or something.” It felt even more foolish to be explaining this to Laurie.

“And she moved in already?” She let out a low whistle and gave me a sad smile. “Sucks for you man… have fun with that.” She headed out the door and down the hall towards her place. “Hey Pat!” I followed her voice out into the hall. “If you ever need to get away from her… you can always come here.” I flashed her a thank you and headed back into the apartment in time to see Alyssa coming out of the shower.

A little after 4pm we were pulling into my driveway. Jacqueline, my youngest sister at 15, was waving frantically out the window as we exited the SUV. I walked around to the back of the vehicle and pulled out the luggage; Alyssa came back to help. Her movements were jerky and shaky, I could tell she was nervous. “You gonna be ok?” I asked as I removed the last of the luggage from the back.

“I don’t know…” She said softly, taking a timid step towards me. I couldn’t help but laugh; now she knew how I felt yesterday.

I grabbed her hand and together we carried the bags to the front door. “Umm… I should probably warn you about Erica… the oldest… she doesn’t really like anyone.” I could hear her audible gulp and I squeezed her hand in mine. “On the plus side, Jessica couldn’t care less about who I take home, and Jackie loves everyone so… best two out of three right?”

As predicted, Erica hated her; and was fairly verbal about this. I had never taken a girl home before, in a relationship capacity anyway; but having girls over to the house before I had seen Erica’s mean side. Also as predicted Jessica didn’t really give a shit and Jackie followed us around the whole time. Mom and dad were divided. Mom openly sided with Erica, while my dad sat on the fence between Jessie and Jackie - kind of liking her and not giving a shit either way.
Dinner was nothing special. Erica, Jackie, Alyssa and I ate in the living room, while mom and dad ate in the kitchen and Jessie left to hang out with some friends. This wasn’t a good sign; if my parents liked her they’d be in here with us… at least that’s what they did with any of the guys Erica took home.

Once that ordeal was over I took Alyssa to the basement, to show her where I spent most of my childhood. I kicked a soccer ball around with Jackie, while I listened to Erica grilling Alyssa.

“So… what do you do for a living?” She chided, arms crossed over her chest.

“Nothing right now. I don’t work, I go to school…” Alyssa answered uncomfortably, not taking her eyes off our game.

“So, who pays for everything then?”

“My parents.”

“Oh… I see. So, is my brother the first hockey player you’ve dated?” The belittling tone in Erica’s voice was disgusting.

“Yah… he’s actually the first real boyfriend I’ve had.”

“Mmmm normally they don’t call you back after the first night?”

“Erica! Fuck’s your problem?” I called, walking away from Jackie and our game.

“Nothing… I’m just trying to figure out what her deal is.” She rounded on me, eyes gleaming.

I walked over to Alyssa and grabbed her hand, pulling her protectively behind me. “Her deal? I don’t know… maybe she just likes me, every think of that?”

“Yah well, you keep telling yourself that… I know a- … well let’s just say I know what type of girl she is. Everyone else can see it a mile away, everyone except you Pat.” She turned on her heel and headed up the stairs, not looking back. After a few awkward, silent minutes Jackie followed her up the stairs, pausing before she reached the door.


Alyssa’s voice quivered the slightest bit. “Yah Jackie?”

“Please don‘t hurt my brother.” She replied simply before closing the door behind her.

I let out of groan once I was sure we were alone. “I’m so sorry about that… like I said, she hates everyone so… don’t think anything of it.” When she didn’t respond right away I turned around.
Her face was a delicate pink colour, and her eyes were brimming with tears as she stared up the stairs after my sisters. “Oh, Alyssa…” I sighed and wrapped my arms around her waist, determined to show her that Erica’s words didn’t effect me.

She started sobbing quietly into my shoulder and it was all I could do to not chasing Erica up the stairs and make her apologise. The last thing I needed was for Erica to know that her attempt at upsetting Alyssa had worked.
I scooped her face up in my hands and lifted her lips up gently to mine. I started walking her backwards until she bumped into the dryer; oh, the good ol’ dryer. I grabbed the back of her legs in my hands and lifted her up on top of it, pulling her forward enough that she was teetering on the edge.
Moving up until I was trapped in between her legs, I ran my hand up her inner thigh and into her skirt. “Patrick, no…” she whined, pushing me back a step.

“It’s fine babe, they won’t come down.” I assured her as I pulled her legs open again. She tried to protest but her words were cut off as I pushed my fingers inside of her, causing her to reach for my shoulders; digging into them with the nails on both hands.
As sure as I was that no one was going to interrupt us, I still opted to pull myself out of my jeans as opposed to pulling them off; still having to stretch up in order to enter her; just like in the old days, I thought with a sigh.

We were curled up under my comforter early that night; I could tell that Alyssa had no desire to spend anymore time with my family, just like they didn’t seem to want to spend anymore time with her.
She fell asleep before I did, and I took the time to replay the events of the day over in my head. I had honestly expected the day to go rocky, but not like this; I certainly wasn’t expecting my sister to make my girlfriend cry… and what about that comment?
I was pretty sure I knew what Erica was going to say; Alyssa was a gold-digger, but that was just foolish. Sure, maybe after the first night I had thought that but, after seeing her house and meeting her parents I knew it wasn’t true; she had more money than I did.

I needed to let it go. It was just Erica yapping away; like she always did. If there wasn’t drama being created than it wasn’t a successful day for her… still, this was a bit much.
Why couldn’t see just be happy for me, instead of being a bitch about it? She was being ridiculous, and her accusation was completely uncalled for… right? Maybe?
Crap, now I don’t know. It’s not like I can really take a step back and think about this all though… not with my parents in this house and Alyssa living in my other one…

I wasted no time leaving the house that morning, wanting to be gone as soon as possible, and assuming Alyssa would be feeling the same way. Instead of waiting around for my dad to drive me, I opted to have Alyssa drive me to the airport instead.
Waiting at the terminal gate, all I could think about was how badly I need to take myself out of this situation. I was only going to be in Tampa until tomorrow afternoon, after which I was going to have to go back to my apartment and get ready for another game. I couldn’t go to my house… my parents and sisters were there, and that wasn’t going to help me think about this. It was the same thing at my apartment though; I was going to have to talk about last night with Alyssa, a lot I was sure. Unless…

“Hey Laurie, what’s up?” I asked, after dialling her number into my cell phone.

“Oh hey Pat! Not a whole lot actually, just watching a movie with my friend Emma… How did last night go?”

“Ugh, don’t ask! That’s actually why I’m calling though… I think I might need a day just to get away from everyone else, you know? I was wondering if you’re offer’s still open?”

“Sure… of course it is… think you can sneak in past crazy though?”

“I’m sure gonna try…” I laughed slowly; shit, I hadn’t thought about that.

“Alright well, see you tomorrow.”

Good old Laurie, is there anything I can’t count on that girl for?

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  1. Sex on the dryer, still clothed... hot. I feel bad for Alyssa, but Erica has a point. Hmm, I'm curious about what Pat's gonna figure out. You always leave me guessing with this one! Excellent, of course.