Friday, August 14, 2009


I woke up to the sound of my phone vibrating beside my head. Ugh, what time is it? “Kaner! KANER!!!! You awake man?”

“No… I’m still asleep… I’m just dreaming about being on the phone with you.” I yawned sarcastically as Burish sat in stunned silence.

“…what? So… you’re not… awake?”

I let out a loud sigh rolling off my stomach onto my back. “Yes Burish, I’m awake. What do you want?” It was at this point I realized that I was alone; looks like Laurie made an early get-away.

“Just wondering how the rest of your night went? I didn’t see, but Sharpe said you left with three chicks… three!”

“My neighbour and her friends man… they left in a cab and Laurie and I came back here.” I smiled to myself, remembering the pleasant turn of events from the night before.

“Oh… you fuck her?”

“No.” I wasn’t sure why I was lying. There was just something about the way Burish said it that made it sound dirty, and being with Laurie didn’t feel dirty.

“That sucks dude.” We sat in silence for a while longer, as I stretched out my muscles and began the adventure of waking up. “So… that chick from the pub gave me her number to give to you. Want it?”

“No, think I’m good.”

“Suite yourself.”

We said goodbye, made plans to go out again tonight; same pub. I lied in bed a while longer, trying to find a reason to get up. No game, no skate, no practice; it was on of those rare days where you don’t feel like a pro hockey player, but a lazy unemployed bum. Meh.
I grabbed my phone off the bed again, this time scanning the contacts until I found her.

Where’d you take off to?

I’m going to visit my sister for the weekend, remember? I thought about it for a minute, this didn’t sound familiar.

No… I texted back, hoping my denial would chance her mind… I really didn’t want to be alone all weekend.

I told you like 6 times, you need to feed Giggs for me! Oh! Okay, maybe Laurie had mentioned this at some point.

Oh yah. When you back? “No wammies…” I sighed as I waited for her response.

Sunday night. See you later.

Well shit. What to do now. I finally decided to get out of bed, not bother to get dressed, it’s not like anyone was going to see me anyway. I headed out towards the kitchen to find some food, enjoying the heat being generated by the sunlight pouring through the windows.
“Dude, why are you naked?”

“Dude! Why are you in my house? How the fuck did you get in?”

Sharpe turned back around, shaking his head and he finished his bowl of cereal. I sighed and spun around, heading back into my room to find some sweats. Once they were in place I headed back out to the living room. “So?”

“So what?” He asked through a mouthful or Captain Crunch.

“So how the fuck did you get in my house?”

“Oh… Laurie let me in. I got here as she was leaving. Man… she’s hot.”

I ignored the last remark. “She say anything?”

“Not really.”

“Not really…?”

He shrugged, continuing to eat his cereal; or my cereal rather. I shrugged my shoulders at nothing in particular before grabbing a bowl of cereal and joining Sharpe on the couch.
We finished eating and watched some Saturday cartoons; laughing about all the dumb things I had apparently missed last night.
“You should have been there!” He concluded, trying to catch his breath from laughing.

“I don’t know man… I had a pretty good night.” I smiled, remember the feel of Laurie’s skin against mine; the way she arched her back closer to me every time I moved deeper inside her…

“Ugh! You’re doing it again.” Sharpe retorted with disgust.

“Doing what?”

“That thing you always do when you’re think about Laurie. Getting all ga-ga-kissy-kissy.”

I stared at him for a minute trying to figure out if he was serious. “Umm.. I’m not sure what that means, but it’s not like that. She’s sex, that’s it.”

“So if it’s just sex… you won’t mind if I hit it?”

“Laurie wouldn’t sleep with you! Besides, I don’t want you fucking up a good thing I got going on.”

He cocked his head to the side thinking about this, nodding after a minute. “Alright, well, Laurie’s gone for the weekend so… if it’s just sex you can come out with us to the pub… we’ll find some babes for you to take home tonight!”

“Already told Burish that was the plan.” He grinned before punching me on the shoulder.

The pub was even more crowded than last night; with the men out-numbered five to one. I was surrounded by beautiful women everywhere I turned, and that was without Burish and Sharpe throwing girls in my direction.
We were all standing around one of the round tables, glasses pilled up in the middle. “Hey Kaner! We’re playing quarters… you in?”

I nodded at Soupy, feeling around in my pocket for some change. “I only got 2 dimes man…” He shrugged and continued flipping his quarters around the table.

“Guess who!?” Two tiny, manicured hands closed over my eyes. I had no idea what was going on; but before I had time to guess Alyssa was removing her hands, opting to lock them around my waist instead. “Your neighbour get home alright?” She asked sweetly, batting her lashes at me.

“Yah she did, thanks for asking.” She shrugged, glancing around the bar. There were other women still milling around us and Alyssa saw this. She kept her arms around me, glaring at any other girl that got too close. I was trying to think of how to loose her this time, when Sharpe came up behind us, his arm around some blonde’s shoulder. Always a blonde. I laughed to myself.

“Man, I told this girl we were gonna go watch some movies at your place alright? Let’s go.” He lead the girl he was with towards the door. I turned to say goodbye to Alyssa but she had other plans. She released my waist, taking my hand in hers and following Sharpe out the door.
Gotta respect a woman who knows what she wants. I shrugged as I quickened my pace to fall in beside her.
When we got outside Sharpe and blondie were already waiting in the back of a cab. Alyssa hopped in the back as I pulled open the front passenger door and climbed in.

We spent the 15 minute drive laughing. Normally when I bring a girl home we just get right down to business and leave it at that. Apparently the girl Sharpe had with him was not that type of girl. The conversation filled the time easily and as we climbed the stairs to my apartment I felt better about Sharpe throwing these plans on me.

We watched The Hangover, and I was presently surprised when Alyssa laughed along with Sharpe and I at the random parts.
When the movie ended Sharpe and his lady friend, Leigh, headed to the spare bed-room for the night. Over the course of the past hour my arm head ended up around Alyssa, her head nestled against my shoulder.
I was playing with her hair, she was rubbing my knee with her hand. “Tired?” I asked her, resting my chin on the top of her head.

“Hmm, a little, I think I’ll stay up for a bit more though…” She turned around on the couch to face me, bringing her lips down to mine. I brought one hand up to her jaw, the other pressed up against the small of her back, pulling her into me. She moved up to straddle me, as the kiss grew more intense.
I had both hands on the back of her neck when she started to feel her way down to my belt. I pulled my face away from the kiss to look over my shoulder. Hmm… this might be dangerous with Sharpe here…I turned back around to her and moved my hands down to her ass.
In one fluid motion I stood up, holding her against me with my arms; until she wrapped her legs around me. She bit her lip and giggled at me as I walked her towards my room.
She disregarded her halter top as we made it through the door. I threw her down on the bed and crawled on top, allowing my hands to explore her exposed breasts. She let out a moan and nuzzled her face into the top of my head while I brought one of her nipples into my mouth.
She rolled on top of me and we took turns wrestling each other out of our clothes.

I love the first time with someone. the excitement of a new body; the rush of anticipation before it begins; the satisfaction of accomplishment when it’s over. I pushed myself more than usual as Alyssa moaned my name below me; forcing myself to last longer than I ever had. There was something about the way she watched me and said my name that made me wish I could last all night.
She wanted to please me. In her every sigh, twist and touch; she was doing everything she could to make me happy. It was working.
In the back of my mind something seemed off. She hardly knew me but she was turned on by turning me on, and that made it hotter.
She fell asleep almost instantly, still clinging to me in sleep. I relaxed as my breathing returned to normal.
It was a strange time, but I thought about Laurie. About how different she was from the girl that was beside me now. They were polar opposites so to speak. The sex with great with both of them; I loved the feel of Laurie and the idea of Alyssa. I wonder what it would be like if Laurie was like this…
I chuckled, knowing that would never happen. I drifted in and out of sleep, looking at the clock around 5am. Alyssa was still beside me.
I sighed down at the tiny red-headed girl that was still lying naked under the covers. I reached over and ran my hand down her back; beginning to plant kisses down her spine. She awoke with another moan, rolling onto her back to face me.
She greeted me with open-arms as we started again. It wasn’t as natural and comfortable as it was with Laurie, but I could sure get use to it.


  1. Sharpie's into blonds?? Yes! :-) lol

    I'm so glad you updated this one, and you definitely didnt disappoint me. :-)

    This is starting to become one of my favorite stories, no joke.

  2. P.Kane's a manwhore! Haha, but I loved it! Hot, very hot.