Saturday, August 8, 2009


**So, sorry if this is off to a slow start, I'm just trying to get the 'lonely' point across and set up a bit more of Patrick's character for this story before I actually get into the exciting stuff, thanks for reading!**

It was almost four o’clock in the morning but I still couldn’t sleep. My apartment was too quiet, too empty. “Should have taken someone home from the bar…” I sighed to myself as I rolled over onto my side.
I was dreading the early morning skate in a few hours. I hadn’t been sleeping good lately and the last thing I needed was for the boys to rag on me again.

After tossing and turning for another few minutes I decided there was no way I was going to get any sleep without company. I could call Laurie and see if she was awake, but I didn’t really have the energy for sex; and I couldn’t exactly just call her for a sleepover.
I turned a few more times until my legs were totally tangled in my blankets, before reaching for my cell phone.

I flipped it open and punched out a text.

You awake?

I set the phone down beside me and waited a few minutes, hoping for a response.

I am now lol. Why you up so late? I laughed as I read it, this was the way it always started.

Dunno, you wanna come over?

Can for a couple minutes, presentation for school at 9 though…

No worries. Door’s locked.


I smiled to myself before replacing my cell on the table. It seemed ironic that the only person I trusted enough with a key to my apartment was the random girl across the hall I had met a few months ago.
I heard a door bang in the hall and then a key turn in the lock on my door. Laurie pushed the door shut behind her and I heard her lock it again, this time from the inside.
She tip-toed across the kitchen and down the hall into my bedroom, before flopping down beside me. “Thought you were going out after the game.”

“I did.”

“Aww strike out?”

“Something like that.” We both laughed. She was wearing one of my Hawks’ shirts, it went down to her thighs. She noticed me looking at the shirt and sat up to face me.

“I stole it awhile ago, figured I should bring it back.”

“Oh yah?” I asked, not bothering to get up as she pulled my shirt up over her head.

“Mmmhmm…” She threw the covers off of me and positioned herself on top of me. I held my position; hands interlaced on my chest as I stared up at her.

I had obviously woken her up. Her mousy brown hair was dishevelled and her eyes still looked half-asleep. She was left wearing a bra and boy shorts; her favourite thing to sleep in. She watched me watching her for a minute before she leaned over till we were face to face. “You woke me up remember…?”

I nodded, still staring at her. Laurie was the one girl I could never figure out. She had never asked me for anything; not money, not perks, but she had also never hinted that she wanted more than our random romps between the sheets.
Any other girl I slept with had always tried to make something more from it. They thought that by coming home with me and putting out they would somehow win my approval and improve their status.
Laurie used me, or I assumed used me, for the sex… it was great. I believed she thought I used her for the same reason, which was partially true; but I also used her to fill the long nights, make me feel like I wasn’t alone in this city.

She let out a sigh, “Pat, I need sleep… please.”

I grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her lips down to meet mine. She kissed me back boisterously, as her hands traced my chest. I reached my hand around her back and expertly undid her bra-claps quickly; pulling her free of the pink lace.
She pulled me on top of her and I fell in between her legs, wasting no time in removing the last of her clothes.
There was nothing slow, melodic or romantic about the way we made love.
I pushed myself into her without a second thought, as my hands held onto her shoulders firmly. She didn’t try to slow me as I increased the tempo, pushing my torso off or her with my arms.
I lasted only as long as she did, not bothering to try and impress her with my ’sexual prowess’; Laurie and I were past the point of formalities like that.

She sighed and rolled herself off of the bed. I fell back onto the pillows and watched her grab her shorts before heading into the bathroom.
She came back out a minute later, shorts in place; falling back down onto the bed beside me.

“Is your alarm set?”

“Yah… set for 6:45”

“Ok, make sure I get up.” She yawned and rolled over onto her side, away from me.

I lied there for a few minutes before her breathing became steady and I knew she was asleep. I pulled my hands out from behind my head and rolled over until I was pressed up against her back. I pushed one arm under her head and wrapped the other over her stomach, pulling her into me.

I smiled to myself knowing I‘d be able to sleep now. I couldn’t help but find it a little humours that out of every girl in Chicago, I would end up next to the one that doesn’t give a shit about Patrick Kane.

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  1. "I couldn’t help but find it a little humours that out of every girl in Chicago, I would end up next to the one that doesn’t give a shit about Patrick Kane."

    Aww... haha. It's cute how he just wants someone to snuggle with. :-) lol

    Curious to see where this one goes.. update soon. :)