Thursday, August 20, 2009


***Sorry, my Blogger is going crazy tonight... if this turns out to be all italics, just ignore that lol. And you're gonna have to use your imagination for the 'thoughts'... I'll fix this if I can; my lap top is just all kinds of fail tonight =(***

To my surprise - and slight disappointment - I woke up alone. The house was silent and I tip-toed out of my room and down the hall; looking for Sharpe, hoping he would know what happened after I fell asleep last night.
I found him, stretched out across the spare-bed; blankets twisted around his legs. I walked over to where he was and started laughing silently to myself; this could be fun…
I crept quietly back down the hall to the kitchen, reaching up into one of the top cupboards for the small bag of flour Laurie had bought to make cup-cakes with. I grabbed a handful, turning to head back down the hall when something yellow caught my eye. I walked over to the island and found a post-it note:

Hey boys,

Went to get breakfast for everyone, we’ll be back soon!

<3 Alyssa and Leigh

I smiled at the note, breakfast does sound pretty sweet… I put it back down on the island and continued down the hall.

“Hey Sharpe…” I whispered, crouched over his sleeping-form. “WAKE UP!” I waited until he rolled over onto his back before slamming the flour onto his face, as hard as I could. I dashed out of the spare-room, seeing Sharpe stiffen before I flew around the corner. I was back out into the living room, just as the girls were coming back in. Alyssa gave me a grin, before her face fell into confusion as she took in my appearance; running down the hall in boxers with flour all over my hands.
To make matters worse Sharpe caught up with me. Not bothering to see why I had stopped running; he flew into me, wrapping his arms around my chest as he tackled me to the floor.
I pushed him off of me and we both fell back laughing. Leigh and Alyssa exchanged looks before turning their attention back to us.

“Alright, now the secrets out… I’m in love with Kaner, and flour is my fetish!” Sharpe declared as he pushed himself off the ground. Realizing that we were just being idiots both girls smiled and headed into my kitchen.

After eating my fill of pancakes, eggs and bacon; I lied back on the couch, watching Sports Center. Sharpe announced that he and Leigh were leaving, “I’ll pick you up in a couple hours for the skate… big game tonight buddy!” He quipped before following Leigh out the door.

Alone for the first time since rolling around in my bed, I glanced over at Alyssa. Her eyes were directed towards the TV, but I could tell she was off in her own world. Well shit, this is awkward… I had no idea what to do. Normally I went over to the girls’ house, giving myself the ability to leave before they woke up.

“Well… I should probably go if you have a game tonight.” Alyssa said finally, moving to leave.

What do I say? …“You need a drive or something?”

“No… I don’t actually live too far from here, I can walk.” She gave me a smile and left out the door. I continued to lie on the couch for a few second before figuring, why not, and jogging out the door after her.

“Hey Alyssa!” I yelled from the railing, watching her descend the stairs below me. She stopped walking and looked up. “You ah… wanna come to my game tonight?”

“Oh! Umm… yah sure… what time?” She seemed genuinely surprised by my invitation.

“Doors open at 6:30 or something, I’ll leave you some tickets at the gate under my name. Four good?”

“Yah, that’s great. I’ll see you tonight Patrick.” She gave me another grin before continuing her trek outside.
I turned around and headed back into my apartment;what the hell was that about? I thought as I shut the door behind me.

We were playing Carolina, and loosing 2-1 in the last period. The team wasn’t playing so good; Dave and Burish were both out with minor injuries and we were playing without much spirit. Our only goal was the one I had nabbed for us in the second, and although I didn’t have any more luck, I had had a lot of good chances.
I hadn’t thought much about Alyssa since the game started, but Sharpe had gotten into a fight and now with the ref trying to sort the penalties out; I took a little skate down towards our end of the ice.
Alyssa was there, sporting a ’Kane’ jersey; which made me smile a bit. She gave me a small wave as I skated by, and I nodded back, raising my stick. This minor movement caused the three girls around her to burst into excited whispers; this made me smile even more.
I heard the ref blow his whistle and shook my head, before skating back to take the face off.

Normally after any game, win or lose, the boys hound me to go out with them. Whether their new change in attitude had to do with the missing Dave and Burish or the fact that there was a girl waiting for me in the family-lounge, it didn’t matter. For whatever reason the boys decided the best place for me to be was home tonight; and the best thing for them to do was leave me alone. Tazer however, had other ideas.

“Hey Kaner.” He said coming up behind me.

“What’s up man?”

“You just heading home tonight?”

“Yah I guess so, you?”

“Yah… Sam’s here.” He smiled, grabbing my arm and stopping me before we reached the lounge. “So…?”

“It’s just sex…” I could already tell from his goofy grin what he was thinking.

“You always say it’s just sex.” He quipped.

I laughed at him, “yah, cause it always is just sex.” He shook his head and started walking again, grinning when he caught sight of Alyssa waiting by herself.

“She going home with you tonight?”

“Yah… guess she is.” I smiled as I approached her; it was kind of nice to have someone waiting in the family room.

“You were so good tonight!” She squealed as soon as I was within arm range. She pushed herself up against me, pulling me into a hug and smiling up at me.

“In case you didn’t notice, we lost…”

“Yah! But YOU were amazing.”

“Hmm… I am pretty amazing aren’t I?” I laughed down at her as she nodded again. She finally released me and I looked around the room, almost everyone was watching us. Serves me right for never inviting a girl to a game before, I guess. I sighed, starting to feel awkward. “You wanna get out of here?” She nodded and allowed me to lead her out of the room.

When I opened my apartment door the first thing I noticed was the flashing light on my phone; indicating a voice mail. I hit play as Alyssa flopped down on the couch.
“Hey Kaner, it’s me…” Laurie’s voice filled the room. “So… I’ve decided to stay here a few more nights… do you mind just adopting Giggs for a bit? He’s probably lonely! Anyway, I’ll see you when I get back. Thanks alot.”

I looked over at Alyssa. “You mind if I go grab Giggs?” She shook her head and I headed towards the door, grabbing Laurie’s key off the key hook.
Giggs was freaking out by the door when I opened it. I went around grabbing his food bag and dish before leading the chocolate lab over to my apartment.

Alyssa was squished up beside me in bed; I wasn’t sure if it was because Giggs was taking up the majority of the mattress, or if it was by choice. She seemed to want to be as close to me as possible, at all times.
Gigga and Alyssa, both fell asleep before I did. I had a hard time unwinding in the darkness; a million things were running through my head. Alyssa wasn’t a friend. She wasn’t someone I would run to with a problem, or someone that I would call to hang out with, but she also wasn’t a one night stand; the fact that she was here now proved that.
Considering I had taken her home with me tonight, with no intentions of sleeping with her at all, was freaking me out more than anything. What was wrong with me?
Was I loosing my edge? Was I becoming needy? Something just seemed so wrong about being 20 year-old hockey star, with a girl in my bed - still fully clothed in her Pjs.
She was wearing Pjs… she took Pjs to my house knowing she was staying the night. Looking around my room now I could see some of her stuff spread out over my dresser, side table and floor. There was something else missing too…
Oh, none of the boys have called yet… I looked over at the clock; 1:23AM. Well, if hey haven’t called yet then I guess they’re not gonna call.
Something had to be going on this didn’t make any sense. Why was I lying here thinking about these things and why the hell was no one trying to make me go out to the clubs with them, what was wrong with the boys tonigh- holy shit.

I felt the blood run from my face. If I hadn’t of been lying down I might have collapsed. There wasn’t anything wrong with the boys… there was something wrong with me. I involuntarily threw my hands over my mouth in shock and disgust.
… I was in a relationship


  1. Ahaha! That was so funny! Oh, Zigh, what would we do without you?

  2. Dun dun dun... a relationship. haha

    I agree with Jay, this was funny and completely cute. :-)

  3. they have been together one night and she already has stuff at his place? if that doesn't bring up the creep factor, i don't know what will